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The premier business link between the philippines and western australia

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Visa Loans provides loans for Filipino clients who are in the process of obtaining an Australian work visa.

Providing immediate cash loans from $5,000 to $20,000 to help Filipino workers pay the cost involved in obtaining a suitable visa and travelling to Australia. They also provide funds for your family, so they do not experience any financial pressure while you are settling into your new Australian job.

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Balangay Limited is an NGO that operates across Australia and the ASEAN region. We believe that every person deserves a life of dignity where they are empowered and enabled to achieve sustainable livelihoods and safe environments where their families can grow and thrive. We care about the primary producers of the ASEAN region and support them through a variety of projects that range from agribusiness, education, energy, investment and trade. 

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The premier business link between the Philippines and Western Australia.



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